This time it’s about turtles !

If you know me, you know I’m about brands and concepts and stuff…

Here’s an exception to that rule !

This year, our holiday, took us to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. Great weather guaranteed sandy beach, water that’s bluer than blue, and beautiful surroundings.

Of the coast of Bonaire lies Klein (Little) Bonaire, a little island where nobody lives…. well, no humans that is. Klein Bonaire is a place where people walk on the beach and snorkel and dive around the reef…and turtles lay their eggs and young ones are born and set out to sea…

So we visited Klein Bonaire with Sue from the Sea Turtle Conservation Society. Out and about to look whether new nests were created or a nest had hatched.


Just of the boat we discovered this track that looked like a car had been driven up the beach. However theses are the entry and exit tracks of a turtle…


Sue started digging to find out whether it actually was a nest with eggs.
And as you can see; it was ! The white pingpong ball lookalikes are turtle eggs.


Next thing was measuring and marking the nest so they can find it back to check whether the eggs are allright and the hatchlings are leaving the nests.

Having done that we moved on to look for further nest.


When we encountered these tracks… Looking like the ones on the beach before only tiny and only going in one direction…the sea.

20121018-171736.jpg 20121018-171743.jpg 20121018-171754.jpg

20121018-171801.jpg 20121018-171809.jpg 20121018-171816.jpg

We traced the tracks and found nest #58 with fresh tracks of little turtles…
Sue started digging to find out whether all hatchlings had left the nest…


They hadn’t. One had gotten stuck behind a root and was blocking the exit route for all the others..


Once he was out… we had three…..


more followed…..


And more…


some weren’t ready for the sea yet so they were put in another bag, to be taken to the “incubator”.. being the tub in Sue’s home where they can strengthen …

sad to say, but the harsh reality, a lot of eggs didn’t make it…”dead eggs” as Sue calls them.


So how glad we were that in the end we had about seventy ! a bucket full of little Hawkbill turtles anxious to get to sea…


And that’s what we did… bring them to the beach… have a lookout for birds and..


Of they “ran”..


and swam…


into the sea …


where I had “positioned” myself with my Flip video camera… hoping to get a shot of the turtles…. and did I get a shot !!

Check the video by clicking the image above.

“Anyone wishing to know more about the work of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire can find out by clicking on their logo below or by visiting:


Thank you Sue, for an amazing experience !


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  1. very nice thank you very much

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