Got Nuts ?…. Peanuts as Space Heroes

You all know these guys…right ?

They’re known for taking quite some initiatives like:



Anyway I could go on and on and, but back to the point. Getting people to “like” your brand is one thing. Getting them to interact with your brand actively is another.

M&M’s  has quite a history of letting you play with/or against, Red, Yellow, Green and all other M&M’s colour characters. They keep creating occasions to get you and me to interact with their brand.

And they will try anything. 

Constantly emphasising the  “Always Fun” pay-off with a new initiative. 

So here is their newest online campagne: M&M’s Space Heroes. It’s a cross website game.  You can drag an M&M’s Spaceship to your webbrowser (see clip) and play Spaceheroes on ANY website you visit.

Go there:

A truly “Always Fun” way to interact. A game where you can use M&M’s to start shooting down other brands…. Always Fun !


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