Ten Facts About You

Ten Facts About you
1. You’re reading my comment
2. You’re realizing that’s a stupid fact
4. You didn’t notice I skipped three
5. You’re checking now
6. You’re smiling
7. You’re still reading my comment
9. You didn’t realize I skipped eight
10.You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again
11.You are enjoying this
12.You didn’t realize there’s only suppossed to be ten facts

The real fact is, that there are things you are not seeing! That is nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite Human. It means however another fact.

The fact that you are looking at your brand/product/service the same way you just read those ten facts about you. Missing out on the things that are right in front of your eyes.

Now if you take this and try to approach your own brand with the same… “In/Out of the box/No rules kind of way”  and see what you are not seeing. 


(I found the “Ten facts about you” on the interwebs, so no credit for me on that, the rest is all mine though )

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