Sticks and st….a roof design ?

Knokke, Belgium..You know, coastal village, wealthy inhabitants… Most houses are white and have red tiled roofs. Not the mecca for avantgarde, experimental architecture and designs.

Don’t get me wrong there’s loads of art and arty objects in galleries and out and about. But architectural design in/of a building that makes you stop and look twice … is not to be found here. Well not until this..

Imagine the surprise we got driving into Knokke and seeing…



Loads of sticks and beams crafted together in an organic form creating a roof over a garage entrance.

It looks like a bunch of sticks stacked upon eachother. But no, it’s not glued together in a way it will blow away during the first gust of wind.

As you can see… and hear (sorry about the audio quality) in the next clip. What you will also see is the object “changes shape” when you move around.

If you know more about this creation please be so kind as to let me know.


One response to “Sticks and st….a roof design ?

  1. mameobeach

    It looks more like a shrimp or crayfish.

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