Facebook Calling !

The missing link in Social Media? (ok maybe a bit far fetched, but it is pretty cool)

They did it again… adding a new feature to Facebook … enhancing the brand. I just found out through Mashable that there is an app. “Vonage” (I hear it’s not the first) for iOS and Androïd devices that enables users to call their Facebook Friends for FREE. Yes… FREE.. But this one says it does so through 3G and Wifi…. for free!? So it’s no longer looking at your device to what your friends are up to. You can now actually call them on the spot and talk to them. (so it Claims).  Check-out the clip below:

Als je een iOS (iPhone e.d.) hebt of een Androïd apparaat kun je vanaf nu GRATIS bellen met je Facebook “Friends”. (dat is de claim )Door middel van de app. “Vonage”. Via 3G en Wifi..  Niet langer alleen maar kijken en tikken waar je mee bezig bent. Je kunt nu ter plekke je “Friends” bellen ! Kijk hier maar:

I have to say I haven’t used the app yet so have no idea if it lives up to expectations. Or that it actually works through 3G ..for free..

Source: Mashable.

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