My iPhone apps

Not the first and without a doubt not the last. I decided to post some pics of the current apps on my iPhone.

You know how it goes, you  attend a meeting, Open Coffee, Get together or any other occasion and people owning an iPhone flock together bending over the others iPhone to check out the newest, missing or coolest app. Well here you find the ones that are currently on my iPhone.

I started of downloading all sorts of apps just for the fun of it and because it is sooo easy. Deleting them when I got bored with them or had no real use.

The apps on my iPhone are a mixture of “essential”, useful, fun, interesting from a marketing/concept point of view. There comes a  moment in time that you’ll start  to categorize the apps. (I’ve seen people colour coordinating them)

I obviously had a categorize phase too, but then you delete and add new ones and you end up with partly coordinated, partly apps all over the phone. And that’s what you’ll find in the pictures of my apps.

On the first page: all the apps that I use frequently. Which turned out to be the Social Media kinda apps.


(f) = free,  ($) = paid

  • Tweetdeck (f) (essential for Twitter)
  • Mobypicture (f) (to post pictures to my Twitteraccount)
  • Foursquare (f) (Location Based “Game” )
  • LinkedIn (f) (Mobile version, very handy when meeting people you want to connect to)
  • Evernote (f) (getting grip on my never ending stream of idea’s)

I decided it would be a smart move to put all the apps that I could need while driving on the first page. Pushing the home button wil guarentee me that I have them at hand.

  • SOS (f) (one push away from dialing emergency 112 (911))
  • TomTom ($) (if this needs explanation, then you need one)
  • Flitspalen (f) (tells you where speedcamera’s are. Not that I need it…ahum)
  • Buienradar (f) (weather app. so I can decide to drive top down or not)


The second page: a mixture of standard apps, Social media (streaming video) and temporary ones.

  • WordPress (f) (it’s on there but haven’t really used it)
  • Skype (f) (always handy, especially in a Wifi surrounding)
  • Knocking (f) (streaming live video app.)
  • Qik (f) (streaming live video app.)
  • Ustream (f) (streaming live video app.)
  • Rabo Sport (f) (overview of Dutch Olympic sports with schedules, medals etc)
  • Vancouver 2010 (f) (The Olympics 2010 app) (already deleted)
  • Calculator (f) (duh)


 Page three: all sorts of apps.


  • ANWB Verkeer (f) (gives you traffic, delay, speedcams on your route)
  • MeterMate (f) (easy parking meter reminder)
  • AroundMe (f) (all essentials around ATM’s Shops etc)
  • Billings Touch (f) (enables billing on the spot, need to dive into this one)
  • Openingstijden (f) (openinghours of stores where you are, or you can search for store hours in other places. Excellent app!)
  • TVGids Lite (f) (EPG TV guide)
  • Uitzending Gemist (f) (missed a TV programme follow it here)
  • FilmTrailer (f)
  • Flixster (f) (US movies)
  • Pathé (f) (Cinema’s, trailers)
  • Bluetooth IM (f) (send Images to other iPhone via Bluetooth)
  • GS Lite (f) (Green Screen app.. still need to figure this one out)
  • NOS Journaal (f) (News, latest News broadcasts)
  • iMotion ($) (create your own stop motion movies, dead simpel and funny)
  • Audiobooks Lite (f) (free audiobooks, incl shakespeare and others)


 Page four: gadgety apps

  • First Aid (f) (Step by Step First Aid)
  • Sleep Cycle ($) ( Tells you how you “slept”, awake, dreaming, time etc)
  • Shazam (f) (scans music and finds the performer, etc)
  • MLB (f) (all sorts of info about Major League Baseball )
  • UPcode (f) (app to scan QR codes)
  • QR code (f) (app to scan QR codes)
  • GPS lite (f) (Sports tracking app)
  • Convert Free (f) (making converting easy)
  • eWifi (f) (finds free wifi, if it is around 😉 )
  • FREE Wifi (f) (finds free wifi)
  • engadget (f) (engadget app)
  • Flycast (f) (Guide to, cities, weather, Genres, Video’s Audio Podcasts)
  • Bump (f) (enables exchange of profile info with other iPhone with Bump)
  • iClickr Lite (f) (clicker app for presentations)
  • Fake Caller (f) (sorry I have a call…talk to you later)


 Page five: a mixed page


  • Craigsphone (f) (app from Craigslist, popular in the U.S.. Search and find all sorts.)
  • WorldView (f) (finds public webcams near you and or where you’d like to be all over the world)
  • LiveCams Free (f) (enables viewing public webcams world over)
  • Tweetframe (f) (search on Twitter…enter a # or @ and finds everything posted about it)
  • Google (f)
  • Metro (f) (how to get from “where to where” via Metro. Add city’s like NY, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp etc.)
  • Google Earth (f)
  • iSeismo (f) (app. size seismograph. Handy if you go places with earthquake risk. )
  • Glue (f) (connects stuff.) (have not used yet) 
  • iCall (f) (make and receive free or low-cost phone calls anywhere through WiFi )
  • Tip Calculator (f) (easy peasy calculating)
  • OpenTable (f) (Cool app. RealTime reservation system. Find a table and make a reservation)
  • iTunes (f)
  • AppBoxLite (f) (all sort of usefulness, currency converter, date calc. days until, holidays, clinometer,etc)
  • Scanner (f) (scan your surrounding for devices with IP address)
  • Howcast (f) (entry to all sorts of: How to… make, do , be,….)


 Page six: off all things camera


  • RetroCamera Free (f) (enables tweaking your pics into e.g. sepia, polaroid, colour schemes)
  • Gorillacam (f) (gives you: Self Timer, Time lapse, Anti Shake, Grid, Bubble level, 3 shot burst, press anywhere)
  • Darkroom (f) (edit your photos, e.g. brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, lightness, grayscale, crop, rotate etc)
  • DashOfColor (f) (take a pic and give black and white photos a Dash of Color )
  • 3D Camera Lite (f) (Create your own 3D photos and share them on Facebook and Twitter)
  • iMotion Blog (link to blog of iMotion, see prior app)
  • MoreLomo (f) (let’s you make LOMO like shots)
  • PhoneGrapher ($) (Photo management and sharing app)
  • TiltShiftGen ($) (picture editing and sharing app)
  • CameraXl (Telelens like app)
  • Pano ($) (Excellent app for panoramashots)
  •  Camera Plus (f) (editing, tap focus, etc)
  • iHandy Level (f) (use your iPhone as level)
  • Keeper (f) (Password security app. )


 Page seven: Travel page


  • FlightAware (f) (track the real-time status and position of airline and private flights in the US)
  • Heads Up navigator (f) (“augmented reality” navigation experience by overlaying floating 3D)
  • Layar (f) (augmented reality app gives you a layer of virtual over reality)
  • Travelocity (f) (includes Hotels Near Me, links to maps, hotel descriptions, and booking options)
  • UrbanDaddy (f) (Very very cool app. winner 2009Mobi Awards. Best mobile application)
  • Nike True City (f) (gives you the Insider lowdown on events, products and locations)
  • Siri (f) ( Your Virtual Personal Assistant. Speach and text driven ! Utilizes the best services on the web)
  • iSushi (f) (Get’s you to the nearest sushi location with a tap or a shake)
  • MyTraffice (f) (Personal traffic information)
  • Antwerpen (f) (Location based Antwerp map)
  • Amsterdam (f) (Location based Amsterdam map)
  • McGyver (shortcut to how2)
  • Banner ($) (a scrolling LED Banner with your own text on your iPhone) 
  • Loopt (f) (location-based social network)


 Page eight: The New York page (dedicated to all sorts of NYC apps)


  • NFT (Not For Tourist) ($) (The app version of the best hardcopy NYC guide you can get  !)
  • New York (f) (location base map of New York, find yourself and where you want to go)
  • New York app (f) (The most elaborate app on where to go what to do/see in NYC)
  • Wifi Cafe Spot (f) (Find the NYC Cafe Spots with free wifi)
  • NewYorkNow (f) (informs you on what’s on in NY right now)
  • NTRconnect (f) (misplaced 😉 let’s you connect to your desktop remotely)
  • NYCWay (f) (another location based elaborate app with current NYC info)
  • NYNews (f) (latest NYC news, Newspapers, TV News, Magazines, blogs, weather)
  • NBC NY (f) (very nicely designed app with everything that’s happening in NY)
  • TONY (Time Out NY) (f) (the virtual issue of the inside guide to New York)
  • Kick Lite (f) (the NY Subway map in an app)
  • Whole foods (f) (the app gives recipes and more) (an amazing concept, go there !)
  • Subway Map (f) (Another subway map …still need to figure out which to prefer)
  • Starbucks (f) (thé Starbucks app… find stores, make your fav. drink and share it with friends)
  • Mobile Card (f) (the virtual mobile Starbucks Card)
  • GAP (f) (Gap’s latest news and fashion) 


 Page nine: another mix


  • Macy’s iShop (f) (Macy’s online store right on your iPhone)
  • Internet RadioBox ($) (over 30.000 radio stations)
  • Remote (f) (use your iPhone to remotely play your music on iTunes PC/Mac or AppleTV)
  • Scanner (f) (scan barcodes and simply find info and suppliers to that product)
  • RunKeeper Free (f) (track your sporting activities via GPS and sync with Runkeeper site)
  • PhotoShare (f) (Share photo’s via bluetooth)
  • Ping ($) (send messages to other iPhone Ping users without cost.)(also lite version available)
  • Present (f) (60 presentation tips)
  • BrandZ100 (f) (lot’s of info on most valuable global brands 2009)
  • Learning To-Go Marketing Lite (f) (fun to have introduction to marketing)
  • Ad-ology Marketing Forecast (f) (a lot of current info useful for marketing)
  • NY Times (f) (latest of The New York Times news)
  • News Pro by Thomson Reuters (f) (The latest news by Reuters)
  • TED (f) (Ideas worth spreading. the most extraordinary presentations delivered from the TED stage)
  • Koi Pond ($) (“Relaxing” pond with Koi fish, sounds and interactive water) (just fun to show)
  • TripCase (f) (acc. to Business Week “best travel app 2009” ultimate travel toolkit)


 Page ten: Games and stuff


  • Near (f) (Search to find anything around you,, shoes, etc)
  • Service Bell (f) (Bring your own reception bell, handy and good for a laugh)
  • R.Racing GTI (f) (game with which VW introduced the new Golf GTI in the US, 6 winners won a GTI. Very high end good looking game. Steering by tilting iPhone as a steering wheel)
  • Rocket Bird (f) (Keep the bird with a rocket tied to its back in the air and avoid hitting obstacles)(funny)
  • Soosiz Lite (f) (Reunite the cute characters and collect lots of points on the way. Moving around by tilting the iPhone)
  • TicTacToe Free (f) (kind of obvious what this can do)
  • Traffic Rush (f) (avoid collisions on a crossroad by stopping or speeding up vehicles)
  • CheckersFS5 (f) (checkers…)
  • “Air” Hockey (f) (play air hockey on your iPhone, single or two players)
  • iSprint by Reebok (f) (track and field race swiping your fingers over the screen as if the were running feet. Bluetooth multiple players possible)
  • TouchMouse (f) (Use your iPhone as a remote track pad for your computer)(neat!)
  • Virtuoso Free (f) (piano)
  • EasyBeats LE (f) (create and edit your own beats)
  • Tweetsee (f) (shows you the tweets that are closest to you in any given moment. Relies on geotagged tweets)
  • WH News (f) (White House News, news from the White House)
  • Whatsapp ($) (smartphone to smartphone messenger for iPhone and BB. send free message incl images)


 Pagen eleven: All sorts but mostly car related

  • Youtube (f) (needs no explanation)
  • Belstatus (f) (app that connects to your T-mobile account and tells you rest calls, sms’s and extra costs)
  • Speedometer (f) (with GPS based speedometer you can check how far of your car speedometer is)
  • Dashboard (f) (GPS based speedo. Also gives altitude and heading )
  • BMW M Meter (f) (find out if your car has M power. Measures acceleration)
  • PocketDyno (f) (also measures how fast your car accelerates)
  • NIKEiD (f) (create your own NIKE ID product on your iPhone and order it. Also finds NIKEiD shops)
  • TweetMic Lite (f) (allows you to make high-quality audio recordings or “Tweetcasts” and publish them)
  • Volvo Ocean Race (f) (All race and other info on the Volvo Ocean Race)
  • SixPack App (f) (train your muscles and get a Sixpack)
  • SunMoon (f) (sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset per day scroll to other days to find rise and set info)

So here they all are.

Check them out. And when you think you have an app I can’t do without, find a typo or otherwise like to share app info feel free to comment. Enjoy !


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