The Social Media “Revolution”

Let’s face it the Social Media Revolution has already started and we’re all in the middle of it. Althoug the majority of people won’t realise what’s happening in the big picture, most of them have been in contact with one or more phenomena that make the bigger picture….

Social Media is not something in the margin… It’s a Revolution that is making people chance the way they communicate, get and share information, buy stuff, interact, do business, basically it changes LIFE.  Watch this clip and try to get a grasp of just what the …. is going on…

Ok so you’ve seen the basic idea behind the bigger picture. And if you’re a corporate…pay attention ! Now it’s up to you to go figure out how you can adapt. Get your business ready for this shift. You need to be a part of it or even better take the lead, somewhere in the shapping of your, my and everyone elses future.

Ow and you don’t have a lot of time….others have allready started and are on their way, so hurry up! And if you need help don’t hesitate to ask for help..that’s one of those things that come with the “next” revolution. You can’t know everything yourselve …. so go and hire the right people!

Leo Verdonck

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